for the gamers out here (worldwide d&d game day)

well with 4th edt coming out soon wizards of the coast is having a game day on june 7th (that is a saturday ) talk to eagles today he will be ordering the kit for the game day soon i belive he was going to try today ,)

at this time i would think start time would be 10:00am not sure how long he will have it run in tell .

hope to see you gamers there ( i will be reposting this on bhamgamers lj also and e-mailing the rpga group about it also .)if you wish to e-mail this out to the sites you know that may have interest please do .

Norwescon 31

ValhallaCon had a promotional table during Norwescon 31, the largest sf convention in the area. I spent a little time at the table, and really enjoyed meeting everyone who stopped by, giving support or advice for our upcoming event.

I don't have any stats (new pre-supporters, mailing list additions) to report, but I was impressed with the number of folks who shared the burden of sitting at the table. I was worried that it would be all Mike, all the time. (It was mostly Mike, of course, but I suspect he was worried too.)

VikingCon tidbit

This one's boring, so go to the gaming day tomorrow at Eagles.

Chairs and directors of VikingCon:
The Viking Conference I: Jay Parks
"VikingCon II" (The "Bobby Project"): Randy Chrisman
Vikingcon III: Shirin Salzer
Vikingcon IV: Mark Cecil
VikingCon V: Al Kacoroski
VikingCon VI: Larry Baker
VikingCon VII: Tim Hoehner and Arthur "Corky" Owen
Viking Con VIII: Duane Jensen
VikingCon IX: Corky Owen
VikingCon X: Shawn Marier
VikingCon XI: Erik Freske
VikingCon XII: Mike Kinsella
VikingCon 13: Paul M Carpentier (me)
VikingCon 14: Julie K. McGalliard
Vikingcon 15: Joy M. Ralph
VikingCon 16: Jacqueline Passey
VikingCon 17: Jacqueline Passey
VikingCon 18: Jack William Bell

Note: Only 1-1/2 had a repeat chair (Corky and Jacqueline).
Note 2: Only 4 chairs were females (Mars needs women!)
Note 3: Since this is off the top of my head without sources, the various VikingCon spellings, and chair spellings, are subject to correction.
Note 4: VikingCon chairs involved with ValhallaCon at this point include Michael Kinsella (ValhallaCon chair), Jack William Bell, Julie McGalliard, and Paul M Carpentier.
juggle geek

Game Day Next Week!

Saturday, March 15 is The ValhallaCon Benefit  Game Day in Eagle's Game Room in Downtown Bellingham (221 W Holly St).  It's all coming together nicely thanks to Stacy's expert help and support.

We will have 4 time slots 10 AM to 2 PM, 2 PM to 6 PM, 6 PM to 9 PM and 9 PM to Midnight. 
The schedule so far as I know it is:
10-2     Echo – Inn Fighting

10-2     Jessica – Heroscape

2-6       Jessica – Order of the Stick

2-6       Mike – Heroscape

6-9       Chris – Zendo

6-9       Kevin – D & D

6-9       Ulysses – Paranoia

9-mid   Ivy – Apples to Apples

9-mid   Jessica – Feng Shui

There's still lots of time slots if anyone wants to run a game!  A mere $5 gets you in the door.  Come get your game on!
juggle geek

ValhallaCon Benefit Game Day

Saturday, March 15, 2008 at Eagles Games in Downtown Bellingham there will be an all day gaming event.  We'll be playing board games, card games, roleplaying games and the like.  Come on down, meet new people and DEFEAT THEM!  We'll have door prizes and light refreshments.  All this for only $5.  

When:  Saturday March 15, 2008  10 AM to Midnight
Where:  Eagles Game Room, 221 W Holly St, Bellingham, WA
What:  FUN!

On a related note, if you are a GM and would like to run a game, we'd love to have you.

VikingCon tidbits

There was no VikingCon in 1981.

VikingCon VIII (1987) was held Easter weekend. It had a large guest list (six GoHs), ample programming (four full tracks), a color program cover (featuring Julia Lacquemont artwork), and wasn't as well attended as planned (maybe 400 people, but seemingly planned for close to 600 people). Not a failure, but it led VikingCon planners to conclude Easter was right out for future events.

I laugh now, considering Norwescon (3,000-ish members) has been held Easter weekend for some time now.