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Bill Boyde was in a very serious car accident on the way to Westercon

I just got home from the Las Vegas Westercon where I saw Bill Boyde, a long-time volunteer for VikingCon and participant in BSFFC events.  He was involved in a very serious car accident on the way to Westercon in which the driver, Roberta Carlson, was killed, and one of the other passengers lost half of his fingers.  Bill and the other two passengers in the car survived with just scrapes and bruises but they are all very shaken up.

Bill has very generously charged everyone's plane tickets home to his credit card.  Bill isn't rich, though, so a fan fund has been set up to help them with these expenses.  PayPal donations can be sent to wboyde@eskimo.com.  The money will be used to pay for the group's travel expenses home and any leftover funds will be donated to Roberta's family.  If you can help, please do so.  Thank you!

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